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Summer Recap/ Fall festivities

Hello all!

This past summer has been so much fun and so many exciting things have happened!

I haven’t shared much of anything on this page in quite some time as some life-changing things have happened and I’m finally ready to get back in the game of blogging!

So for starters, I graduated college with a marketing degree from a local university! Super exciting in times of uncertainty. I searched for months and months, applying to over 600 jobs to ultimately decide that I need to take time and help my family business and take time to really enjoy the post-grad life before jumping into a 9-5 rat race. I also received my real estate license in January and have been slowly learning the ropes and helping a few clients find/ fulfill their dream which is always so rewarding.

This past summer I traveled a bit to various places such as Tennessee, Long Island, and Maine with a few local day trips as well. The Tennessee trip was so much fun as we went off-roading and spent a day in Nashville bar hopping! (Definitely going back again). At the beginning of August, my brother got married to his long-time

girlfriend and it was a beautiful day and we all had so much fun! We visited my boyfriend’s family in Long Island and spent some time with his friends. Over Labor Day weekend we visited Sebago Lake in Maine (both of our families grew up going there) so it was so cool going back and enjoying the sandy beach right on the lake with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We ended up bringing our puppy with us to the lake and she absolutely loved it and had so much fun on the beach, truly an amazing place for everyone!

In the past month, I’ve spent time trying to get my health back into check as I’ve had some health issues over the past year. I decided health is wealth and I’m slowly trying to change all of the products in my everyday life to low/no tox products. This has certainly been a struggle as it seems everything has chemicals in it! So frustrating. If anyone has any recommendations for healthier products please let me know! I’m open to trying anything!

As for right now, I’m just trying to enjoy life as the fall season has started, and everywhere I drive the leaves are changing and the air is so much crisper with a beautiful breeze! This past weekend we took a trip to a local cider mill and it was the most picturesque setting and a gorgeous day.

I also have some exciting news that I can’t wait to share, hopefully in the next month that I believe will help create a whole new chapter in my life! So stay tuned for that.


Life in New England

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